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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bet you didn't know...


SprayCan Art. Queens. Page 40. Bet you didn't know I did that Public Animals piece. Abby told us that Henry Chalfant was putting out another graffiti book, like Subway Art, but about graffiti on walls. He wanted to have work from every borough. She coordinated his coming out to take pictures.

Cer did the Junkwaffle and helped fill-in.

A second wall was done, Urban Jungle, Henry took flicks but never put them in the book.

And another time, Henry came out to Hollis with T-Kid and took pictures of this underpass (both sides were done top to bottom) that was done for the neighborhood. PW and Sloan helped out.

The Staf27 Effect

Friday, February 29, 2008

NYC Subway Trains

We never had the foresight to take photos of the trains in the 1980s. PW was the photographer of the crew back then. He had, I think, two full albums of TPA flics. Unfortunately, over the years, because of moving from place to place, they were lost. I've been able to get a few flics of the Queens faction of TPA...CER, DEMO, LUST, etc.

Here are few found floating around the internet which probably have been seen before.



Close up of Sye...Photo courtesy of SPone