Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Friends


BREAK was like, "Yo, We need to do this Superman and Batman wall!" He had been talking about it all summer. " Yo, It'll be hot!" he had already given me the reference of the characters, so it was just a matter of when...

I drew the characters first and then thought of colors I wanted to use. I felt like the most noticeable colors would work off the blue and red in Superman's costume, then tie it in with something related like Kryptonite.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Got a call from POSE2.FX over the weekend, hence this post...just reminiscing. It was October 2005 and it was brick outside, but every Saturday we all went out to piece at the Hawthorne Center in Philly. POSE2 taught an art class there for troubled youth and he would let us (me, SEW, and Joe BASE) piece there while he taught the kids and occasionally we would help him out.

POSE suggested we make the background look real bombed...we scribbled, did throw-ups, make it look weathered


Sye.Rune.Pose.Joe Base

Piece Progression

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Screamin' Monkeys

SEW wanted to do another group production, but this time he wanted to do monkeys. I remember speaking on the phone with him and he described that the monkey heads would be centered in the middle of bulls eye's. It sounded real wacky to me but I knew SEW could pull off the idea because that's just the way he thinks...

Sew doing the Monkey Heads

Joe Base, Sye, Sew, Bird

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Hall Of Fame

106 and Park. Strictly Kings and Better...the legacy...that's the real battle there. You're not battling other crews or trying to out do one another. You're in a fight for your (graff) life because the ghosts of the past are throwing left and right hay makers at you...all the dope shit that was laid down over the years. You're competing with the legacy of kings!

DOC told me the theme was a tribute to VIDEO MUSIC BOX and that we should incorporate film/movie paraphernalia. Here's a couple of reference concepts:

Me and DEZO went to work on the background. Originally, I was only doing background, but MAGOO didn't want to paint. DOC told me to take his spot.

DEZO doing building section

TC5- FC Wall

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rooftop Legends Event

The Rooftop Legends Event - WANE called me and told me to come up. It was supposed to be a 2 man and DOC.TC5. I didn't want to do an S-Y-E but would if DOC came. DOC couldn't make it, so I decided to do GRIND. Jesse (EV) was like take the whole spot.

Grind Progress

Funny thing about that GRIND...I had a couple of cans of Belton LETTUCE GREEN that I wanted to use for the outline color. I outlined the first few letters with a half can of that belton and when that ran out I started with a new can but I guess after shaking it, it came out a lighter actually worked out though


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hong Kong Phooooooeeeeeeeeyyyyyy


Never much reaction about this joint. The character is crisp and clean. I was happy with my piece...I loved it's chunky flavor and colors. There was no plan, but I did intended on doing the character with my joint. I think me and ENUE just met at the wall and just pieced.

Characters are so important to a piece because it helps create motion and the piece becomes more alive; more interactive where you don't have to rely solely on the the movement of the letters.

The M & M Wall


Done in May 2007. I was eating a bag of M&Ms and liked how the packaging looked. I suggested translating that to the wall but making the center be TC5. Totem, Oas, Gets, Dontay and Dezo came down and we laid it down for the crew!

Soul Train

Sye-Break...You know we got SOUUUUUUULLLLLLLL!

I sent this photo to DOC after we did it. He called and said, "I hate you!"

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Volkswagen Concept

Driving home from work one day, I saw this VW billboard and thought that the spacial elements and concept were interesting.


Blackbook sketch

This was another joint I was gonna do solo but I asked DEZO to come out and join me...

Dezo laying down his piece

The IPOD Wall

I had been waiting for this day when SEW.Sm showed me the draft. We were excited to execute the plan. We spoke about it frequently and knew we could pull it off.

Sew's Draft

As I looked at the draft, I noticed that I had the middle spot, which was the most active of the three positions because of the wire. It was obvious that I had to keep my piece real simple. The other thing that would make the concept come off besides the idea was the color we decided to use for our pieces...we chose opposites of the background color.

iBurners Wall


We each did our own Ipod section

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meeting of Styles

Since my return in 2005, I've tried to participate in different graff events. It's tough to be involved in different venues when life happens- work and family take center stage especially since I'm piecing for the sheer love of the artform.

In 2006, I did Chicago and New York. In 2007, I did Canada and New York again. The events are extremely interesting. Not only do you get to meet new headz but you get an opportunity to flex skills elsewhere besides your own back yard.

Canada MOS 2007 action

Canada MOS 2007


2007 NYC MOS...Doing Spy Characters for COD wall

NYC MOS 2007

Rath, Wane, Wen, Jaes

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who is Sye?

Enigmatic Queens native. As a youngster, possessing artistic ability was second nature. In 1980, the lure of the graffiti culture was hypnotic. Interest in letter manipulation was sparked by a younger sibling which resulted in the birth of S-Y-E.

Sye would align himself with one of Queens most famous and prolific crews, The Public Animals (TPA crew). Together with CER, DEMO, LUST, PW, KAP, SLOAN, ADAM, SCOP, 2NICE, SOFINE, EZO, BREAK, SPICER, they would wreak havoc on the BMT and IND train lines.

The journey continues, and in 2005, Sye would be reborn; on a new mission, with a new crew...